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How does an IT Provider grow faster in a sea of competition?

Empower your clients to fix things on their own while you focus on business growth.

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Less Tier 1 tickets. Less hassle. Grins all around

Let’s face it. Most users can't even install a trusted program. FixFinder brings modern self-help right to the managed desktop. The result? Sky high, client driven fix rates and less inbound calls/emails.

Empower your end users to leave you alone

We’re not being snarky. Instead, this is the place where you and your clients want to be. They need quick fixes and actionable answers. You want your engineers to focus on real problems, not Tier 1 busy work.

Seamless self-help right from the desktop

It’s time to nix the nag screens and shut distant portals. Instead, put useful knowledge and power directly into their hands. Give them a dashboard!

Fly, be free!

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Triggered by F1 key

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Direct connect to documentation

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Find support processes

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Troubleshooting Wizard

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Users can “pull” applications

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Our Solution

FixFinder provides a Knowledge Base, Troubleshooting Wizard, System Status, and access to Ticketing Systems from a unified interface that's right on the desktop.

Reporting? Of course we do

Metrics & Reporting give you insight into which fixes work and which ones don’t. Constantly improve the user experience. They’ll love you for it.

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Using Connectwise or Autotask?

Let users open and respond to tickets right from the desktop.

Using Sharepoint or Bloomfire?

We can sync your document libraries right to the Knowledge Center to help users get access to information.

Stop drowning in service calls. Instead, sit back and give users a suite of self-help products right on the desktop