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The Challenge

Streamlining IT Support Systems

As an IT Service Provider, motivated by client demands for peak performance, we embarked on a journey to streamline and maximize operational efficiency.

Ticket Overload

Struggling to manage a flood of support tickets, causing delays and frustrations for both IT teams and end users.

Self-Sufficiency Gap

End users feel self-helpless with limited access to troubleshooting resources, leading to a dependency on IT support.

All 'Push' no 'Pull'

Traditional systems empower admins and fail to streamline user workflows, delaying productivity.

We're Here to Change That!

Bridging Gaps and Boosting Efficiency

FixFinder emerges as a transformative solution, a bridge connecting users and IT teams, and a catalyst for streamlined processes.

User Empowerment

Provide quick access to application libraries, desktop ticketing, knowledge, and step-by-step guidance for issue resolution.

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Desktop Efficiency

Effortlessly connect to service provider systems and users can fully manage support tickets for improved efficiency.

Ticket Reduction

Allow end users to actively participate in the resolution process, leading to fewer tickets in the queue.

RMM Integrated

Users 'Pull' fixes on-demand and install applications from your existing integrations with tools like Kaseya, Datto, and Connectwise.


Where Tech Support Meets User Empowerment

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User-Centric Interface

Implement an intuitive desktop interface that unites end users, clients, and IT teams, fostering collaborative problem-solving.

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Seamlessly Integrate

Link with existing IT/MSP and client systems, merging data sources and extending their reach directly to users' Desktops.

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Consolidate IT Resources

Assist users with comprehensive problem-solving through a fusion of knowledge articles and personalized troubleshooting.


Decreasing Support Tickets

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Bring Your Own Clouds

Integrate with your existing IT tools and the client's cloud systems instead of trying to replace them, streamlining the delivery of knowledge and troubleshooting abilities to your users Desktop.

Implement and Customize

Connect your users to platforms like Autotask, ConnectWise, and Kaseya. Publish custom App Libraries, Knowledge, Status Pages, Onboarding, Custom Forms, and more!

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Drive User Adoption

Introduce FixFinder as a resource to self-solve, manage tickets, install applications, optimize the PC, and check for maintenance or outages.

Improve Fixes

Continuously optimize your fixes and content based on this feedback coming from the application, resulting in reduced support tickets.

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Why FixFinder

At FixFinder, we excel in reducing support tickets through our user-friendly desktop interface. Empowering end-users enables them to find IT solutions independently, leading to quicker issue resolution and increased efficiency for IT support teams.

Our intelligent self-help features provide users valuable knowledge and troubleshooting resources seamlessly integrated into existing IT platforms. This results in a streamlined support process, improved productivity, and enhanced user satisfaction.

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Empower Self-Sufficiency

Grant users the tools they need to resolve issues independently, reducing reliance on support teams and boosting confidence in troubleshooting.

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Seamless Integration

Connect effortlessly with existing IT/MSP and client systems, consolidating data sources and fostering collaboration for enhanced support delivery.

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Custom Troubleshooting Wizards

Benefit from personalized step-by-step guidance that assists users in efficiently resolving issues, ensuring a streamlined problem-solving process.

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Continuous Enhancement

We actively collaborate with providers and users to continually refine and expand our platform, optimizing troubleshooting capabilities for a productive user experience.

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Efficient Desktop Ticketing

Seamlessly manage and address support tickets directly through FixFinder's desktop interface, ensuring a smoother and more organized support process.

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Expertly Designed

Developed by IT professionals who deeply understand the challenges of IT support, FixFinder caters specifically to IT teams and service providers, enhancing overall support efficiency.

As a fellow IT Support business, we have experienced firsthand the challenges of managing high ticket levels. That's why we developed a platform to empower providers and their customers to meet each other half-way.




Bridging technology and people, we empower self-sufficiency and growth.


We believe in empowering end-users, equipping them with tools for self-help and confident issue resolution.


Our focus is on optimizing IT support processes, streamlining workflows, and enhancing overall productivity.

Customer Centricity

Understanding and addressing the needs of both providers and customers is at the core of our approach.


We constantly challenge traditional IT support models, seeking innovative ways to revolutionize the industry.

Continuous Improvement

Valuing feedback from providers and users, we leverage insights to drive meaningful enhancements and deliver on our promises.


We embrace agility to meet the ever-changing needs of customers and the IT industry, continuously evolving our product suite to stay ahead of the curve.

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