We Bring Customers to You
Certified Fixers or Buyers For iPhones, iPads, Tablets and Cell Phones!
FixFinder is a lead generation service to help your business grow. For consumers, FixFinder is the first website that allows them to quickly find the best local sources of repair – like you! When a customer searches for a Fixer, they are presented with a list of local repair shops including contact information, company profile, coupons and reviews. The consumer may contact you directly via phone, email or by visiting your website. The consumer may also elect to send you a quote request. You will receive this quote request via email or text message. You enter your best price and any special terms or marketing messages and we will present it to the customer. They can even receive offers from you to buy their used or broken device. After you quote, you are then given the customer’s contact information for follow up. When the consumer finds a vendor they want to hire, they will contact you to work out the details of the sale.
How does FixFinder charge?
FixFinder is a pay-per-lead system where you buy credits and use them to receive potential new business from FixFinder customer’s looking to repair or sell their device. “Pay-per-lead” means you pay to receive a customer’s contact information or receive a referral from our site so you can make a sale. FixFinder will send you a customer’s contact information in several different ways and you pay with credits each time to receive these leads.
How many credits do I need to receive leads?
The number of credits needed to receive a lead will vary depending on the type of lead as well as type of device being repaired or sold. RFQs for the more expensive devices will cost more credits and less expensive devices will cost less credits. The chart below describes the number of credits required for each lead:
Request for Quotes (RFQs) – These are repair or device sell requests from customers that we send to you via email or text message (SMS). You only pay if you decide to quote and will know the number of credits needed to quote before you reply. The price to quote varies by the type of device being repaired/sold. Once you quote, we send you the customer’s contact information.
Phone Call Referrals – When a customer calls the phone number listed on your profile page, you will be greeted by a recording that announces to you that this customer is calling after finding you on FixFinder. You have the option to accept or decline the call. Accepting the call costs you 2 credits. If you don’t answer or decline the call there is no charge.
Website Click – On your FixFinder profile page, when a customer clicks on your website address and is taken to your homepage, you are charged 1 credit for the website referral.
Map Click – On your FixFinder profile page, when a customer clicks on “Map It” and is provided with directions to your location, you are charged 1 credit.
Email Click – On your FixFinder profile page, when a customer clicks on your email address and their email client opens, you are charged 1 credit for the opportunity for that customer to connect with you through us.
How can I find my current credit balance and lead history?
You can view your credit balance, purchase history and lead history by logging in to FixFinder as a Vendor and going to “Lead and Credit History” under Manage Location. From here you can see all the details of the leads we sent to you and how many credits you were charged for each lead. Also, FixFinder credits never expire, so you can use them anytime you receive leads.
Can I try the service for free?
Yes! We will provide new customers with a block of free credits to try FixFinder for free. After the free credits are used, you will need to purchase a block of credits in order to continue receiving leads. During the free trial, it’s very important that you have a complete company profile and edit the devices your repair/buy so you can maximize the value of your FixFinder leads. If you are not satisfied with the leads you receive after your free trial, simply contact us to cancel your account. You will not automatically be charged unless you select the “auto-reload” option. If you choose not to pay for leads, you can elect to be a “Free” member on our site. Free members are listed in search results but are not listed at the top of the page and do not receive quotes, phone calls, or “click” referral leads (i.e. map, email and website).
How do I buy credits?
You will use credits each time you receive a lead. Each credit costs $1.60, but you can receive discounts when purchasing credits in bulk. When you run out of credits, you can buy more or elect to automatically be charged to buy a certain block each time. If you don’t have enough credits and are not set up with auto-reload, we’ll prompt you to buy more via email or login message. If you own multiple locations, you must purchase separate credits for each location:
5 CREDITS $8.00 ($1.60 per credit)
25 CREDITS $37.50 ($1.50/credit)
50 CREDITS $72.50 ($1.45 per credit)
100 CREDITS $140.00 ($1.40 per credit)
Refund Policy
Unused credits are only refunded if you close your master account and/or a specific location with FixFinder.