FixFinder FAQs

Does FixFinder repair or buy used or broken cell phones?

No. is a marketplace that connects consumers who have broken phones or tablets with local mobile device repair companies. We do not repair phones. We are a referral service to help you find the best local repair shop at the best price. By using our online request for quote system, local repair shops compete for your business and send you competitive quotes to repair or buy your phone. Alternatively, you can contact the repair shop directly via phone or email. You can also read and post reviews on local repair shops as well as download money saving coupons.

Where’s the best place to get my cracked iPhone, iPad, tablet or Samsung cell phone screen repaired or replaced?

Finding the best local mobile device repair shop can be challenging. Google searches don’t offer the ability to inquire about prices from repair shops and Yelp doesn’t offer enough choices. First, you definitely want to stay local. You can’t be without your cell phone for more than a few hours so do not ship your phone off across the country for repair and wait for days. There are plenty of local repair shops to help you but only offers you the widest selection of shops so you can find the best shop that is closest to you. is also the only site that allows you to send one email out to multiple local repair shops to compete for your business. In addition, you can read (and post) reviews to make an informed decision.

How much does it cost to repair my cracked iPhone or Samsung cell phone screen?

Prices vary widely from repair shop to repair shop and also depend on the model of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone needing repair. Parts costs are constantly changing (usually going down), so repair prices are in a constant state of flux. This is why it’s important to use a service like that will match you with the best local repair shop and provide you with competitive price quotes from those local Fixers. That being said, check back soon when plans to publish average cell phone repair price ranges by phone models so you can get an idea of what you should be paying for your repair.

How long does it take to repair a cracked iPhone or Samsung cell phone screen?

Most trained technicians can have your cracked screen repaired in 30 minutes to an hour but it’s recommended that you contact your local repair shop to schedule an appointment if you want to wait or drop off to pick up later in the day.

Should I fix my broken cell phone screen myself or should I have a repair company fix it?

Many tech-savvy customers choose the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) method when it comes to fixing their broken phone. If you have technical expertise you may consider this option but remember that you also need the right tools to repair your own phone including replacement parts. You can find websites that will sell you the replacements parts (i.e. digitizer and/or LCD) along with the necessary tools for doing the job yourself. Choosing the DIY method is definitely less costly than bringing the phone to a trained technician to repair but it could come at certain costs. First is your time. How much is your time worth to learn how to repair your phone, buy the parts, wait for shipping and perform the actual repair? Second is repair costs. You may not repair it correctly the first time or you could break or crack the new digitizer when putting it on the phone. On average, you will find that it costs about twice as much to have a repair shop perform the repair versus doing it yourself so you need to weigh these costs including opportunity costs before making this decision.

Which is better to use to repair my phone - a brick and mortar store or a mobile technician?

This is purely a matter of preference for the customer. There are many mobile repair shops popping up that offer mobile (i.e. on site) service only. This is usually because of the large capital expense of starting up a brick and mortar store. These mobile technicians will meet you at your home, place of business or other neutral location to offer on-site repair of your broken mobile device. Check to make sure that the technician is vetted in some way, whether it’s background checks or technical certifications. Some customers are ok with this type of service but others are not and do not want a stranger coming to their house or place of business. For some customers, brick and mortar stores offer a better sense of security and legitimacy because they have an established location and have invested into a physical store with inventory. Some people prefer to drive to a physical store and drop off their phone or wait for repairs. recognizes that consumers want and need a choice which is why we present customers with both mobile technicians and brick and mortar stores in our search results.

Should I sell my used cell phone or tablet locally or should I sell it to a national buyer?

There are many national buyers available in an internet search who will buy your used mobile device. They have nice, easy to use websites that will quickly tell you the value of your used device (or at least what they are willing to pay for it) based on the make, model and condition of your device. Once you agree to their purchase price, they will ship you an envelope with a pre-paid shipping label so you can send your device to them. Once they inspect your device and it matches the same condition that you indicated, they will send the agreed up money to your bank account. If the condition does not match, they will offer you less money for your device so make sure you are honest about your device condition. This process can take several days or weeks so if you are looking for quick cash this might not be the best option. Many local mobile device repair companies also buy used phones so you may want to shop around with local companies to see what they will pay. The obvious advantage is instant payment without waiting days or weeks and many times their purchase prices are the same or better than the national buyers. offers a quick and convenient way for you to get buy quotes for your used device from both national buyers and local repair shops. Simply check “Sell Your Device” from the FixFinder home page and then request a quote. Local repair shops will automatically get your quote request as well as all of the national buyers who will compete for your business.